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Baby Monitor Soon CARE

•Peace of mind at an affordable price

Care is a compact-sized digital baby monitor with impressive capabilities.

The easy-to-use handheld remote parent unit with 2.4" screen, two-way voice and VOX mode allows you to stay in touch with your baby at all times. A night vision mode allows you to watch your baby without disturbing him/her at night, and a built-in temperature sensor allows you to not only see, but also to feel the environment in your baby's room. A set of 8 lullabies, a built-in alarm clock for parents, and feeding reminders are also designed to make your life easier.

Package contents: baby monitor, parent device, charging adapter
Parent screen: 2.4", resolution 320*240 pixcels
Built-in speaker and microphone: yes
Range: 30~50m indoors, 200~300m outdoors
Scream warning: yes
Two-way voice communication: yes
Temperature display: yes
Feeding reminder: yes
Night mode: yes, 8 IR LEDs
Battery: 1500 mAh
Power supply: DC 5V, 1A
Weight: 560 gr.
Production: China, developed in Russia