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При проектировании дизайна уделяю особое внимание грамотной структуре сайта и его удобстве для вашего покупателя / контрагента.
Работаю в минималистичном, аккуратном стиле, стремясь при этом обеспечить сайту ту функциональность, с которой он будет максимально эффективно решать поставленные при его разработке задачи.
Functionality and aesthetics for your peace of mind and baby's pleasure
comfortable —
In daily worries about a child, a baby monitor comes to help young parents — which one to choose and not miscalculate?
At Soon Company, we pay much attention to customers requirements and developed a line of baby monitors that are not only equipped with all modern functionality and available at affrodable prices but also have a stylish design and may become both your assistant in everyday life and an elegant detail of your interior.
More than just
a helper
A video baby monitor should not only be able to do lots of things — a daily interaction with it should give an aesthetic pleasure for both parents and the child
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New Collection
Baby monitor Soon CARE
We are Soon!
We are Soon — a young brand, and our main goal is to provide you the devices able to become your reliable assistants and give you pleasant impressions every day.
We approached our baby monitors creation with all our heart: we brought in top designers, took the best materials and proven suppliers, merged them together to get a product that will not just make your life easier, but also more colorful.
Our devices bring not only functionality, but also aesthetic pleasure: we consciously aimed to create a beautiful and elegant design that will successfully fit into any interior.
Enjoy using, your Soon!
Answering some
important questions
Do baby monitors have a color screen?
Yes. All SOON digital baby monitors have a high-quality color screen.
What is the range of the baby monitor?
The Care model can work up to 30−40 meters (indoors) and up to 300 meters with no obstructions around walls. The Base and Star models work up to 50 meters (indoors) and up to 350 meters without walls.
Can I use the baby monitors at night?
Yes. All three models are equipped with night vision mode, which allows you to see anything from 5−10 meters away from the camera — in total darkness and without disturbing your baby in any way.

Moreover, the night mode activates itself when the level of light is insufficient — you don’t even have to worry about that
How long does the parent unit work?
A full charge lasts for 3−6 hours of uninterrupted work. Given that the device can be in standby mode and activated by your child’s voice, the actual operating time may be longer.
Are digital baby monitors safe to use?
Yes. All SOON digital baby monitors are certified according to the national and European CE standards for complete safety; the high quality of the materials used is guaranteed by the European RoHS directive limiting the use of hazardous substances.
Can I use two baby units with one parent unit at the same time?
Yes. The Base and Star models support this feature.
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